“New ways towards sustainable development and growth.
A dialogue between China and Latin America”


7th to 9th of November 2017


Universidad del Rosario

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Sing up to participate

Fudan-Latin America University Consortium (FLAUC)


The Consortium is initiated to serve as a platform for exchange, communication and cooperation between Fudan University and prestigious universities in Latin America. The Consortium will contribute to the construction of long-term cooperation including, but not limited to academic conferences, faculty exchanges, research, and annual leadership meetings. The platform is expected to strengthen mutual understanding, inspire thoughts, spread ideas, and Build up a reputation.


The overall vision of the Consortium is to promote closer ties and understanding between Latin America and China, by means of joint research projects and educational activities. Furthermore, the Consortium seeks to promote Latin American culture in China, and the Chinese culture in Latin America.

Secretariat Office

The secretariat office of FLAUC will be set up the Fudan Development institute (FDDI), the University's platform for interdisciplinary research and global cooperation network. The secretariat office will undertake routine operation and liaison work of the Consortium. Each of the founding members should designate a liaison person for the secretariat office.

FLAUC Council

As  the  initiator  of  FLAUC,  Fudan  University  will organize a special roundtable during Shanghai  Forum 2017, to  meet  with  Latin American  universities,  and announce  the  establishment  of  the  Consortium.

FLAUC Council will also be established at the same time. The leadership of Latin American universities and of Fudan University would be invited to join the council as principal members. The council will work on guiding the development   of the Consortium. The details as  responsibilities  and  obligations  of  council members,  a s  well as  the  working  system  of  the council, will be discussed at Shanghai Forum 2017, and at future council meetings.

FLAUC Council Meeting and Annual Meeting (with rotating chairing system)

Each year, the FLAUC members will have two compulsory meetings. The Secretariat Office at FDDI will be responsible for organizing Council Meeting each May.

The first Council Meeting is to be held by Fudan University at Shanghai Forum 2017. At the meeting, the establishment of the Consortium will be announced.

Each November, one of the members in Latin America will take the position of chair and host an annual meeting on their campus. Ali the members of the Consortium would attend the meeting, concluding the accomplishment of the year, and making plans for the next.

Exchange Programs

Enhancing exchanges among member universities is one of the objectives of FLAUC. Fudan University, as the initiator of the project, would welcome FLAUC members to recommend scholars to visit and seek for potential research cooperation opportunities under the FDDI visiting scholar program. FDDI will also provide applicants with considerable amount of subsidy, workplace, library resources, and field trip opportunities.



Place: Auditorio Mutis Universidad del Rosario

7:30 a 8:00

Attendee registration

8:00 a 8:15

Welcome Speech:

José Manuel Restrepo Abondano
President of Universidad del Rosario

8:15 a 8:30

Speech Chen Zhimin

Vice rector associated of Fudan University

8:30 a 8:45

Speech Pablo Navas Sanz de Santamaría

Rector of Universidad de los Andes

8:45 a 9:00

Bridging the gap: China and its relations with Latin America

Chinese Embassy in Colombia

9:00 a 9:30

Environmental policies for economic competitiveness in Latin America

Hernando José Gómez
Main Director of Misión Crecimiento Verde

9:30 a 10:00

A look from inside: national government perspectives on relations between China and Latin America

Ministry of Finance- Colombia

10:00 a 10:30

The economy of China

Weisen Li
Associate Professor at Fudan University

10:30 a 11:00

Dynamics of population growth for China and LATAM

Peng Xizhe
Director of Satete Innovative Institute for Public Policy Management and Public Policy Studies ofFudan University

11:00 a 12:00

Discussion table


12:00 a 13:30


13:30 a 14:00

Sample traditional dances

14:00 a 15:00

Tour Universidad del Rosario

15:00 a 16:30

Tour Universidad de los Andes

Place: Universidad del Rosario Tower 2-Room 1001

7:30 a 8:00

Registration of attendees

8:00 a 8:15

Welcome speech

8:15 a 8:45

China in Latin America: reflections on transpacific relations

8:45 a 9:15

Prospects for economic growth in China

Weisen Li
Associate teacher of Fudan University

9:15 a 10:00

Panel 1:

Socio-economic challenges of countries in transition

10:00 a 10:30


10:30 a 11:15

Panel 2:

The role of higher education in economic growth and social development

11:15 a 12:00

Panel 3:

Urbanization, migration and economic growth

12:00 a 13:30


Place: Universidad de los Andes

14:00 a 14:45

Panel 4:

Innovation and productivity of enterprises in economies in transition

14:45 a 15:15


15:15 a 16:00

Panel 5:

Intellectual property and innovation promotion

Invitation to dinner FLAUC

Place: Universidad del Rosario Jockey Club

7:30 a 8:00

Registration of attendees

8:00 a 8:15

Welcome Speech

José Manuel Restrepo Abondano Rector of Universidad del Rosario

8:15 a 8:40

The 4.0 ecosystem in Colombia

Daniel Quintero*
Vice Minister of Digital Economy -MINTIC

8:40 a 9:00

The challenges of revolution 4.0 in LATAM

Samuel Yohai
Presidente de la CCIT

9:15 a 9:45

Big data and IoT

Juan Fernando Pérez
Professor of the MACC- Universidad del Rosario

9:45 a 10:15

Artificial intelligence


10:15 a 10:45

Ricardo Villadiego

* Easy Solutions

10:45 a 11:15


11:15 a 11:45

The Cloud as a Platform of Revolution 4.0

Andrés Umaña
Director of External and Corporate Legal Issues - Microsoft Colombia

10:45 a 11:20

The cloud as a Platform of 4.0 Revolution

Andrés Umaña
Director of External and Corporate Legal Issues - Microsoft Colombia

11:45 a 12:30

Discussion panel

Private sector: * HUAWEI and Andrés Umaña
Public Sector: Martha Sánchez * - National Digital Security Adviser in Presidency of the Republic of Colombia
Academy: Valérie Gauthier - Director of the MACC Department - Universidad del Rosario.
Moderator: María Isabel Mejía - Executive Director of Info proyect.

Place: Innovation Center Universidad del Rosario

14:00 a 14:30

Registration for attendees

14:30 a 15:00

Welcome Speech

15:00 a 16:00

Conversation: Key aspects for doing business in 21st Century China
Professor Jeimy Cano (Universidad del Rosario)

Context of cyber security in China: Challenges for doing business in China.

Camilo Martínez (SVC Manager LG Colombia)

Key aspects for negotiating with companies in Asia.

16:00 a 16:30

Discussion Panel

Business in China of 21st century

16:30 a 17:00


Invitation to dinner FLAUC

Academic workshop : Development and the National Middle-Income Trap: China-Latin America experiences

Place: Universidad del Rosario

8:00 a 8:30

Attendance registry

8:30 a 9:00


9:00 a 10:00

First panel presentations

10:00 a 11:00

Second panel presentations

11:00 a 11:30


11:30 a 12:30

Third panel presentations

12:30 a 13:30

Four panel presentations

13:30 a 14:30


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