About ICTPI-2011 in Bogotá

ICTPI-2011 is being organized by the Alianza Universidad-Empresa-Estado (AUEE) de Bogotá-Región, a joint venture that has been established by the universities based in this city, the business sector and government, with the purpose of promoting the application of science and technology to foster regional economic development by creating value through innovation. This is being done through strengthening university-industry collaboration. In Colombia there are similar initiatives that have emerged in various regions, reflecting the current national policy of regionalizing science and technology development programs.
The Colombian Government is significantly increasing the investment in science, technology and innovation by assigning part of the royalties received from a variety of sources to supporting programs in this area. This increased funding is closely related to the fact that a special emphasis is being placed on the use of science and technology as an instrument of economic regional development. For this reason, there is special interest in becoming better acquainted with such issues as:
a)   A better understanding of recent experiences with National Innovation Policies in order to identify key elements or characteristics that have contributed to the success of these policies, or that have been major limitations to their effectiveness.
b)   What are the main policy instruments through which Innovation Policies and Strategies are implemented?
c)   How can the main stakeholders be involved in this process? How can private sector investment in technological development and innovation be promoted?
d)   Two important dimensions of Technology and Innovation Policy are currently being discussed:
  • The territorial dimension, which leads to issues related to promoting/supporting Regional Innovation Systems and the emergence of Regional Clusters.
  • The sectorial dimension, which relates to “Sectorial Innovation Policies” in key sectors of the economy (i.e. agriculture, telecommunications, mining, etc.).
e)   A better understanding of major technological trends that are shaping the Globalized Networked Economy, and thus the context in which we operate.
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