Colombia-Purdue Institute for Advanced Scientific Research (CPIASR)

Parallel Session: The CPIASR Impact on Colombia’s Innovation Ecosystem

Chairs: J.P. Allain (1), A. Raman (2), J.E. de Bedout (3)
1. Associate Professor, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
2. Professor, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
3. President, Latin American Operations, Kimberly Clark Corporation

The Colombia-Purdue Institute for Advanced Scientific Research is a partnership between Purdue University and the Colombian government in areas that Colombia has identified as its national priorities and through which there is (a) a meaningful exchange of people and knowledge that bridges our cultures and enriches our societies, (b) a shared effort to build, at Universities and beyond, a scientific and entrepreneurial workforce for discovery, invention, and commercialization in Colombia, and (c) a collaborative pursuit of new knowledge to advance the boundaries of science and technology in areas of common interest that have great potential to shape the economic future of the Americas. In late October, 2010 three agreements were signed; the first between Purdue and the Ministry of Education of Colombia, and the second between Purdue, Colciencias, and the Ministry of Education of Colombia and the third between Purdue's College of Engineering and Colfuturo. These agreements effectively established the Colombia-Purdue Institute for Advanced Scientific Research (CPIASR).

The CPIASR focuses on impacting Colombia’s research and development culture and policies at three different levels: 1) ST&I policy in government levels (both local and national), 2) academic R&D and 3) industrial/private sector R&D. The CPIASR leverages Purdue’s “discovery to delivery” innovation strategy and works with key partners in Colombia to execute short and long-term objectives in its road map. For example working with U. Rosario on development and implementation of this road map.

One particular aspect of the CPIASR is how it can provide a framework by which Colombia can address one of its primary challenges to augment its total factor productivity levels in a sustainable way, which depend primarily on: 1) innovation and 2) skilled human capital.

The CPIASR is working on development of an academic advanced research infrastructure in Colombia with over 20 universities of the highest accrediation level. Furthermore, the CPIASR will be tailoring PhD training at Purdue University for over 10-20 Colombian students per year in strategic technical areas including: nanotechnology, biotechnology, biodiversity, agronomy, education, energy and sustaintability.

The CPIASR is also working with Colombian scientific researchers to enhance their visibility, prime their innovation management skills (e.g. entrepreneurship, intellectural property, patent development, etc…) and work in partnership with us to impact educational levels in Colombia from pre-K to undergraduate and graduate programs.

The CPIASR is also focused in connecting the Colombian scientific community with the rest of the world via Purdue’s nanoHUB cyber infrastructure tool. This will be accomplished by a new state-of-the art supercomputing hardware donated by Purdue University to Colombia and operated from EAFIT.

Furthermore, the CPIASR is also working with the private and academic sectors to impact science, technology and innovation in the strategic technical areas of nanotechnology, biotechnology, agronomy, biodiversity, among others.

Proposed agenda of talks:

  • J.P. Allain and A. Raman, Purdue University, “The role of engagement with international world class Universities in the national innovation policy - The CPIASR: How it works”.
  • J.E. de Bedout, Kimberly Clark Corporation “KCC Global Innovation Center in Colombia and the role of CPIASR”.

Proposed additional speakers
  • Gerhard Klimeck, Director of the Network for Computational Nanotechnology, “Purdue-Colombia collaboration in cyber-infrastructure – how cyber-infrastructure nurtures research and innovation networks”.
  • Hans Peter Knudsen, Rector, Universidad del Rosario.
  • Diego Hernandez Losada, Dean of Engineering, Universidad Nacional.
  • Alberto Rodriguez, Dean of Engineering, EAFIT.

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