Conference themes

The main themes of the Conference around which researchers are being invited to present papers are as follows:
1. Lessons learned from recent National Innovation Strategies:
1.1.    Main aspects they cover in creating an appropriate policy environment.
1.2.    Key factors of success in promoting creativity and innovation.
1.3.    Policy instruments utilized in implementing the main aspects covered.
1.4.    Stakeholder involvement in both the formulation and implementation of innovation strategies.
2. Funding Strategies for Innovation:
2.1.    Innovative approaches to the funding of science, technology and innovation.
2.2.    The funding of innovation in firms and production chains.
2.3.    Venture capital and angel investors.
2.4.    The management of risk in funding innovation.
3. Regulations in the Global Networked Economy and its impact on innovation:
3.1.    Role of governments and of the business sector in establishing regulatory frameworks.
3.2.    Information technology, connectivity and global regulations.
3.3.    Research, innovation and regulatory frameworks in genetic resources.
3.4.    Networked industries and regulatory action.
4. Technological trends that shape the context in which innovation takes place:
4.1.    Technology, innovation and economic cycles.
4.2.    Disruptive innovations that are shaping the modern world and their impact on innovation strategies.
4.3.    The impact of major technological innovations on the way research and development is organized.
4.4.    Emergence of the creative industries as a consequence of the ICT revolution.
5. The territorial dimension: Building Regional Innovation Systems
5.1.    Various approaches to the strengthening of Regional Innovation Ecosystems.
5.2.    Role of universities in promoting innovation in the territorial dimension.
5.3.    Promoting university-industry-government linkages.
5.4.    Science and Technology Parks and Regional Productivity Centers.
5.5.    Incubating  technology-based enterprises (new firms): surviving the Valley of the Dead.
5.6.    Factors that facilitate the emergence of Regional Clusters.
5.7.    Public policies in promoting social innovation.
6. The sectorial dimension: Promoting innovation in the agricultural-rural sector:
6.1     Food security and the specific challenges of developing Rural Innovation Systems.
6.2.    Public-private sector alliances in supporting research in agriculture and in promoting innovation.
6.3.    Promoting innovation in small agroindustrial enterprises.
6.4.    The dynamics of research and innovation in global agroindustrial chains.
6.5.    Natural resource management: water,  energy and biodiversity.
7.  The sectorial dimension: Promoting innovation in the service sector:
7.1.    The specific characteristics of innovation in the service sector.
7.2.    Innovation in the banking/financial sector.
7.3.    Promoting innovation in government.
8.       Education and Social Innovation:
8.1.    Developing creativity and innovation through new approaches to teaching.
8.2.    Linking the learning process to promoting innovation at the community level.

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