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Migration Processes


If your stay at Universidad de Rosario is less than 6 months.

  • Do not request a visa. You will need an Entry and Stay Authorization (PIP stamp).
  • What is the PIP Stamp - Permission of entrance and Permanence

This is a stamp that agents from Migration Colombia place in the passports of foreigners that enter the country. A number is assigned to them that represents the activity they will engage in during their stay. You should request a PIP for the academic activities you will engage in with your study abroad or double degree program by providing your university acceptance letter. This authorization should be renewed at the offices of Migration Colombia prior to completing 90 days in the country.

If your stay at Universidad de Rosario is longer than 6 months (1 semester)

If you want to study at Universidad del Rosario for more than 6 months you need to obtain a Colombian Student visa (TP-3).

What is a TP3 – Student Visa?

The TP3 visa is granted to students who wish to develop an academic activity in Colombia, with or without a scholarship. You may apply for the visa at your local Colombian Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence before departing to Colombia or wait until you arrive in Colombia.

For further information please visit the website.

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