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Immigration information for exchange and double degree students:


If your stay at Universidad de Rosario is less than 6 months.
Do not request a visa. You will need an Entry and Stay Authorization (PIP stamp).

What is the PIP Stamp - Permission of entrance and Permanence?

The PIP (Permission of entrance and Permanence) is a stamp that agents from Migration Colombia place in on your passport once you have arrived to Colombia. This stamp contains a number that is assigned according to the type of activity that you will do in the country. You should request a PIP # 2 for the academic activities that you will do as a part of your exchange. This authorization should be renewed at the offices of Migration Colombia prior to completing the first 90 days in the country.

If your stay at Universidad de Rosario is longer than 6 months (1 semester) you must request a visa, according to the type of activities that you will do in our country:
Please check the step by step and the documents for the request in the next link:http://www.cancilleria.gov.co/tramites_servicios/visa​​


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