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Student associations



Consisting of local students from our university, the URExchange Student Group organizes activities to welcome and support exchange and double degree students. This group has different committees that support the different aspects of the lives of exchange student while they are in Colombia.

URExchange consists of students from all departments who support the integration of all foreign students into the Bogota student life.


IBSA - International Business Student Association


The International Business Student Association (IBSA-UR), is a community that was created by the business students at Universidad de Rosario in order to welcome, help and spend time with exchange students from the School of Business while they are in the country and at the university. By participating in different social, cultural and academic activities, it is our hope that our exchange students feel at home. With our “sponsor” program, we seek to help exchange students become familiar with our university, with Colombian culture and with the city even before they arrive to our country.


In order for this to happen, each sponsor contacts the student they are assigned. Our students must meet certain characteristics in order to be part of the “friends” program. They are students that are between their fifth and tenth semester of studies, must have had an exchange experience themselves, or for students who with a lower number of semesters, must have had some type of cultural exchange in Colombia. In addition to these requirements, they must be students with good academic standings as well as charismatic and sociable. “Sponsors” are in charge of providing support to our exchange students, giving them all the information that they need such as courses that they may be interested in, places to live near campus, how to get to the university campus and how the university works in general.

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