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Program Overview

Name of the program: Undergraduate Program in Anthropology
Length of the Program: Eight (8) semesters or 137 approved credits
Code: 171443010101100111500
Academic Degree: Anthropologist

Program Overview

Anthropology at Universidad del Rosario is widely defined as the discipline that studies different human societies through time and space. We address a wide variety of problems and debates such as culture and power, political economy, violence, identity, space, differences and inequalities of class, gender, religion, race, and ethnicity, among others.

The Anthropology program seeks to train students interested in the study of human groups that are not familiar to them in the hopes of turning the anthropological principle of making what is strange into a familiar experience and the familiar into strange as the critical methodological tool that can be applied to the understanding of their own life.

Approach of the program at El Rosario

Our students receive a holistic education in social anthropology, where they have the opportunity to research different subjects and methodologies incorporating perspectives from other social sciences.

The anthropology program emphasizes critical and analytical communicative skills. We consider fieldwork and other methodologies essential to the education of our students, and we provide various opportunities to participate in research from the first semesters and throughout the program.  


Bogotá Colombia - Calle 14 # 6 - 25 Línea InfoRosario:4225321 - 018000 511888
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