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Program Overview

The program of Liberal Arts in Social Sciences is especially designed to promote a comprehensive intelligence of the students and thus, prepare them for the challenges of a transforming world.

Our purpose is to prepare people capable of building their own professional lives, beyond the limits of a unique discipline; we educate not for a specific job but for employability in complex environments.

Currently, we live in a world of fast changes. It is more evident that old settings are being replaced by new management trends and new understandings, international policies, high-tech, global economy and a worldwide culture.

These challenges create new work realities where specialized compartments are fading and contemporary societies are in the need of human capital equipped with a variety of skills.

Our current society of knowledge needs educated minds, equipped with tools to interconnect different knowledge in order to solve problems in concrete situations. What is needed, therefore, is to promote general intelligence, capable of knocking down the boundaries between disciplines and keen to interpret the complexity of the real world from a global conception.

The UNESCO, (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), the Inter-American Development Bank IDB, and the World Bank state the same perspective in their reports about higher education.






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