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Program Overview

The Sociology Undergraduate Program is structured in two cycles: A Basic Cycle shared by all the students enrolled in the School of Human Sciences. This is the space devoted to develop communicative, thinking and abstraction skills, as well as formal language proficiency. It is also a space to begin the interdisciplinary study of core problems of social sciences, to place them in time and finally, to be open to artistic expressions.

This cycle is organized along these five lines that are accomplished during the first semesters of the career:

• Communication
• Formal thinking
• Sciences
• Society
• Arts

The Professional Cycle is the space for the development of a set of more specific competences of the discipline, always with an interdisciplinary perspective that emphasizes dialogue with the other programs in the School of Human Sciences.

Each semester of the Professional Cycle includes a variety of courses in the following areas:

• Methodology
• Social Theories
• Special Sociologies
• Thematic Seminars
• Electives

Sociology students can benefit from the exchange program, through which they can complete one or two semesters in foreign universities that have agreements with Universidad del Rosario. Through this program, students open up to new cultures and perspectives in their education.



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