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Academic Reading


Professors teaching courses in English can contact ASK directly to receive information on currently available academic services and arrange a visit to one of the ASK sites for their classes. ASK Tutors can also arrange to visit your class and talk about specific topics and/ or the services available.

Currently, ASK offers services for professors in:

  • Lesson planning & materials selection
  • Grading academic materials
  • Advice for mixed-level English classes
  • Receiving requests for materials for their courses
  • Review of white papers, academic drafts, and academic presentations according to sections

For graduate students, at the moment ASK provides assistance in:

  • Dissertation & thesis planning
  • Reading skills
  • Oral presentation skills
  • Section review of theses/ dissertations depending on tutor availability

Professors & graduate students can arrange a time directly through our booking system to talk to an ASK Tutor, and then arrange a class visit.


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