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Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity can be simply defined as honest and responsible scholarship. It is a pillar of higher learning, and a topic that requires intimate understanding and faithful following for success as a student. What’s more, any institution of higher learning with a serious and academic mission contains a well outlined and highly defined policy on academic integrity and adheres to it strictly. The following section in Universidad del Rosario’s ASK repository will help students to understand the important aspects of academic integrity and guide them to successful and original production of materials for their studies.

Subcategories of the section on academic integrity include the following:


Subcategory Content
Understanding Plagiarism Identifying plagiarism and avoiding poor practice, Information about various forms of plagiarism
Avoiding Plagiarism Information about effective summarizing and paraphrasing, and proper use of quotations
Referencing Styles Understanding Harvard APA, Oxford OSCOLA and Vancouver styles, among others
Referencing Conventions Proper use of footnote systems, Formatting in-text citations, Reference lists and biographies.

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