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Academic Listening

Academic Listening involves the reception and understanding of spoken material with an educational purpose. This area has many forms, including academic lectures, debates and seminar conversations, and regularly utilizes a high level of language structure and vocabulary. For this reason, many students are easily able to digest informal conversations, but struggle when an academic filter is connected. Universidad del Rosario’s ASK Repository will provide assistance in this vital area of language learning by giving strategies and tips regarding such topics as note taking, understanding new vocabulary, prediction, and pre-lecture strategies in order to bolster confidence for students at all levels.

Subcategories of the section on academic listening include the following:

Subcategory Content
Note-taking Tips and Practice How to take effective notes while listening, Listening for and understanding new vocabulary, Listening to a complex description
Noticing Attitude and Opinion Listening to understand more difficult language, Practicing listening skills for lectures
Lecture Orientation Listening for theme words and examples, Prediction skills for listening, Using clues to understand lectures, Listening closely to presentations, Listening for signposting language, Focusing on the language in a lecture
Lecture participation Asking questions, Pre-lecture preparation, Post lecture preparation, Formalizing notes, Understanding synopsis’

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