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Academic Speaking

Academic Speaking is designed toward an educational end and differs from everyday conversational and transactional speaking in that it is often used for formal academic presentations and participation in seminars or conferences. These differences can be observed in both the organization and structure of the speaking, but also in the content, design, formality and execution therein. While many may perceive academic speaking as a one-way expression by a speaker to an audience, it is also an essential element of interaction in a variety of formalized settings. Universidad del Rosario’s ASK Repository will explore these topics and provide assistance and help within the realm of speaking for academic purposes.

Subcategories of the section on academic speaking include the following:

Subcategory Content
Introduction to Effective Presentations Organization and structure, delivery, Staging and signposting, Formal spoken register, Delivery, Persuasive language – The Rhetorical Triangle
Introduction to Seminar Participation Turn taking, Pre-seminar preparation, Agreeing & disagreeing, Offering opinions, Hedging, Debate language, Discussion language
Making Visual Aids Designing effective PowerPoints, Transitions, Supporting information
Pronunciation Stress-timed language, Phonemes, Connected Speech, Linking, Vowel Insertion, Ellipsis

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