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Academic Writing

Academic Writing can be broadly defined as any writing that is academic or educational in nature, most often for college or university purposes. This type of writing commonly has a specific set of characteristics that include tone, style, formatting, and organization that separate it from other forms of writing in English. This section in Universidad del Rosario’s ASK Repository will explore these themes and provide helpful tips to improve a myriad of specific areas related to writing with an academic purpose.

Subcategories of the section on academic writing include the following:

Subcategory Content
Tone & Style – Academic Register Formal academic register, Improving formality, Economy-of-expression, Passive voice, Nominalization, Emotive lexis, Achieving an impersonal style.
Structure & Organization Structuring writing, Paragraph structure, Topic sentences, Supporting sentences, Concluding sentences, Writing an effective conclusion, Abstract writing, Text organization (block, point-by-point), Macro-organizers.
Cohesion and Coherence Creating cohesion, Cohesive Noun phrases, Signposts to structure, Achieving coherence
Incorporating Evidence Using examples to support, Fact and opinion in writing, Reporting authors’ words & introduction to synthesis reporting verbs, Types of evidence
Academic Voice Argumentation, Thesis statement, Argument, Counter-argument, Premise, Fact vs. opinion
Critical Writing Bloom’s Taxonomy (critical thinking triangle), Lateral thinking, Evaluating source evidence
Report Writing Types of common report language, How reports are accessed, Examples of structuring a report, Presentation and layout of common styles.
Analyzing data Intro. to describing graphs and tables, Describing and interpreting trend and change in graphs, Comparing data

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