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Professional Development

Professional Development is any sort of training, formal education or advanced learning that takes place as a bridge to or advancement of vocation. It is intended to help further professional learning or goals, and can include things such as job application preparation, cultural understanding, professional courtesy and etiquette, and language necessary for different workplace contexts. Universidad del Rosario’s ASK Repository will address these topics and many more to aid in the development of working professionals or those looking to successfully enter the workplace environment.

Subcategories of the section on professional development include the following:

Subcategory Content
Email and Letter Writing Format and structure, Formal writing, Informal writing
Job Applications Cover letters, C.V. writing, Personal statements
Job Interviews Typical interview questions, Interview techniques
Cultural Sensitivity Cross cultural communication, Cultural sensitivity, Professional conventions
Language for Meetings Turn taking, Pre-seminar preparation, Agreeing and disagreeing, Offering opinions, Hedging, Debate language, Discussion language

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