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Study Skills

Study Skills are vital to the survival and success of any student at the college or university level. These are often habits that are developed in tandem with other areas of academic learning, and can include things like time management, preparing for study, procrastination and concentration skills. Furthering these abilities will allow any student to more effectively study and learn, making for more successful learners and professionals. The ASK Repository at Universidad del Rosario will provide a wide array of tips and strategies to bring about more useful study habits and skills for students at any level.

Subcategories of the section on study skills include the following:

Subcategory Content
Essay Planning Task Analysis (Understanding titles)
Research Designing a research question, Occupying a research space, Gathering data, Hypothesizing, Writing a research proposal
Time Management Staying on track with your assignment, Preparing for study, Prioritizing, Procrastination, Maintaining study focus, Assignment Survival Kit (ASK), Creating a project plan and using your time effectively
Group Work Forming study groups
Assessments and Exam Preparation Understanding assessment tasks, Revising from your notes, Test taking techniques, Exam practice
Revision Proofreading, Editing, Exam revision, Revision schedule, Notes, Formatting work

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