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Vocabulary, as defined by Oxford Dictionaries, is ‘’the body of words used in a particular language’’. Vocabulary is essential to effective and thoughtful communication in any language, and must be developed with intensity and dedication for effective future use. Academic vocabulary, furthermore, encompasses lexis particular to use in educational settings, and is often perceived by many language learners to be more advanced and difficult than conversational vocabulary. The ASK Repository at Universidad del Rosario will provide resources and learning tools to enable the development of higher level vocabulary for use in educational contexts.

Subcategories of the section on vocabulary include the following:

Subcategory Content
Developing Lexical Fields Understanding discourse community key concepts, Engaging with subject specific reading texts
Word Building Theory for developing language abilities and efficiency, Active vs. passive memory
Synonyms and Antonyms Vocabulary development, Vocabulary schemesPast simple, Irregular verbs, Regular verbs, Past simple endings
Technical language Guessing words from context, Familiarizing yourself with key concepts, Technical language in use
Prefixes & Suffixes Word building, Morphemes, Suffix Nouns, Prefix Nouns, Suffix Verbs, Prefix verbs
AWL (Academic Word List) Reviewing sub-lists, Activating the AWL, Subject specific word lists

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