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Humanity on trial. Our contributions to the pandemic Health and Wellness


Colombian scientists contribute to control of one of the most powerful bacteria in hospitals Health and Wellness


A stab in the heart puts the Colombian health system to the test Health and Wellness

Legal mining also contributes to deforestation

The effects of illegal mining on the environment are a concern at a national level. However, little is known about how legal mining in the country contributes to deforestation and substantially so:...

More high impact science

Sergio Andrés Pulgarín Molina, the new vice-president and provost of Universidad del Rosario, accepts the challenge convinced that the institutional commitments can only be fulfilled by...

Science and Tech
The journalists facing the challenge of pain

Pain—inherent in human life—is one of the challenges faced by journalists in two ways: From their experience and from the tragedies of their sources. Should they report in such cases...

Society and Culture
The unexpected consequences of the peace

While the National Government denied that the murder of social leaders was a systematic phenomenon and the media published shallow information, a group of academics from the universities of Rosario...

Economics and Politics