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Social stability, key in animal cooperation

Coexistence between animals that live in groups is usually affected by natural disturbances and also by human activity, according to a study by the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior, in which...

“I just want to be Samuel… to inspire and have an impact”

This is stated by this young student, president of the Natural Sciences and Mathematics Student Council of the Universidad del Rosario, for whom his greatest learning is to recognize the importance...

Cultura y sociedad
Colombian companies increase management reports to be more competitive

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reports have been increasing in Latin America. These reports allow the construction of management indicators of companies. Colombia witnessed the highest...

Economía y Política
Research that restored 23 centuries of history

Carlos Alberto Cardona, a professor assigned to the School of Human Sciences of the Universidad del Rosario, undertook the task of compiling the tension that occurred during several centuries...

Cultura y sociedad
Beatriz Londoño, committed to defend human rights

After 20 years of research and teaching at the Universidad del Rosario, Beatriz Londoño Toro was appointed emeritus professor, a distinction few women achieve. Her life has been dedicated to the...

Cultura y sociedad
Wikiakua’ ipa, knitting ancestral roots in Wikipedia

Wayú voices are woven for the universe. Today, they are heard and read through the most consulted online encyclopedia: Wikipedia or Wikiakua’ipa, in native language. Ancestral knowledge...

Cultura y sociedad
In China and Latin America, university research networks contribute to innovation

The twenty countries of Latin America and the Asian giant have universities, especially public ones, committed to identifying the elements to follow the path of innovation. In this region of the...

Ciencia y tecnología
Improvisation, a key tool in business organizations

Just as jazz musicians improvise their performances and get a great result, companies can give a fundamental place to actions that were not planned. Of course, they must know how to do so. This is...

Economía y Política
Mechanism proposal to reactivate the agro-industry and dignify farmers

Professors from the Faculty of Law of the Universidad del Rosario consider that the figure known as emphyteusis could be the key to the great challenge of comprehensive rural reform in Colombia. It...

Economía y Política
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