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Today it's the chance to start a new path to get a different education, a path you will take with us. We'll be with you during your learning process and you'll have uncountable academic choices to make you grow proffesionally.

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Universidad del Rosario promotes critical thinking and the education of professionals who are able to solve complex problems. Nowadays, it is not enough to know how a small fraction of society operates; it is vital to understand it as a whole and develop an interdisciplinary dialog focused on nation building.

Universidad del Rosario understands that every student has a different learning process. For that reason, it employs a model that favors semi-personalized spaces, building a close relationship with professors and their research activities. These strategies help to meet the goal of educational institutions: producing the best professionals.

The National Accreditation Council recognizes Universidad del Rosario as a high-quality institution due to its facilities, academic programs and graduate wellbeing. Internationally, the university has also established itself as a center renowned for academic excellence (ranked #1 in Latin America by EQUAA) and administrative management (awarded 4 stars by the QS rankings). Together with its commitment to sustainability, this makes Universidad del Rosario a dependable choice.

The education we receive as UR students enhances our prospects through internationalization and multiculturalism. Each semester, we enjoy the chance to discover new countries and meet new people who hail from all over the world. The university’s broad offering of exchange programs and double degrees offers reassurance that we are studying at an institution with excellent prospects.

In addition to our academic development, the university focuses on students leading well-rounded lives, where we not only acquire knowledge but also enjoy each different stage. Support spaces and tools for problem solving, agreements with recreational and sporting institutions, and a team responsible for continuing our progress are the hallmarks of a university that is committed to shaping people.

Our university understands the responsibility that being an educational institution entails. In addition to its focus on producing professionals who will make a contribution to the country, it also provides tools to ensure that this task will include the most vulnerable groups. A society is incomplete unless the challenges involved in living in community are taken into account.

Universidad del Rosario provides the support and spaces that we need to develop our ideas as students. Cutting-edge laboratories, business partnerships and events promoting innovation are just a few examples of an institution that enriches and turns dreams into reality.

Nation building is a challenge that concerns us all. For that reason, the university has charted a course to reach all the regions of Colombia, and to use research and innovation to improve the quality of professional training in those places that have regrettably been forgotten. A prosperous state is not built from a single perspective, but rather from the relationship between all the actors that consolidate it.

Our university has the most important hallmark of all: the history and experience that have arisen there. The Botanical Expedition, Colombia’s independence and the Seventh Ballot movement are examples of how the university and its graduates are proud to have been part of the most significant events in the history of the republic.

In addition to being an outstanding university, Universidad del Rosario is regarded as an institution that is interested in keeping history alive and using it as a basis for innovation. Our museum and the recognition of our facilities are examples of what it is like to experience being part of an institution that demonstrates that the old and the new are more than compatible: they are mutually dependent on each other.