Frequently Asked Questions

A/ Constant information about university activities; academic event schedule (information about lectures, conferences and seminars); library service, access to specialized and reference databases, borrowing of books and video materials; publication of the Nova et vetera magazine every six months; support for organizing events; discounts according to admission policies; advice and guidance in labor intermediation, résumé presentation, interview preparation, professional marketing; support for creating businesses.

A/ No, it is not. From its foundation it was conceived as a secular institution.

A/ If you are studying another program at the Universidad del Rosario and start a double program with Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, the first program will be your base program. The cost of the credits will be determined by that program as follows: The cost of each credit that you register for up to credit 18, no matter what program it corresponds to, will be determined by your base program, including the discounts you have. The extra credits, however, will have a cost of 50% of the cost of your base program, calculated without discounts. Once you finish your base program, the credits you have not yet studied in your second program will have a cost of 50% of your base program, calculated without discounts

A/ This process of recognition of subject equivalence can be requested by students enrolled in the program. This request is made to the Academic Secretary of the respective School, who will ask the program coordinator to study the recognition of equivalence. The student must attach the syllabuses that describe the subjects that he/she wishes to have recognized, which will be examined by the program coordinator to determine whether or not approval is possible.