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RosEA Blog is a space for teachers and students of English around the world to share their experiences and knowledge in a fun and frank way. We hope to foster international communication, give tips to English learners, and promote the RosEA attitude.

In our words

Listen to your doctor

Several weeks ago RosEA launched its first Medical English Diploma, focusing on international communication within the various fields of healthcare and medical science.

The Diploma in English in Legal Contexts with RosEA is born!

Rosario English Area (RosEA) is giving a unique opportunity to students and professionals

Sleep like a baby, learn like Einstein

Learning a language isn´t particularly difficult

The Internet - Barrier to Communication

Don't be mislead - not all the information on the Internet is in English. In fact, if you only speak English, you're likely being subjected to a communication barrier.

English is THE globally networked language

Do you have a good idea? Chances are, if you speak English,

Linguistic Possession: When are we Bilingual?

Being bilingual has become a catch-all phrase. If bilingualism is a murky term, with a plethora of meaning; then, being ‘bilingual’ is a loaded term.

Meet Fernando Paredes Valencia!

Our teacher spotlight this week is on our wonderful and vibrant teacher Fernando, from Cali. He has been teaching for over 30 years!

Let's Get Down to Business with RosEA and the Rosario Business School

RosEA (Rosario English Area) and the Rosario Business School launched its first project together! This is an incredible opportunity for not only RosEA and the Business School, but also the 11 professors who will be a part of this 10-week project.