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The Internet - Barrier to Communication

By Nicholas Allen

Don't be mislead - not all the information on the Internet is in English. In fact, if you only speak English, you're likely being subjected to a communication barrier.

We all like to assume that with English we can access the world. And for the most part, that is true. Think about the way the areas of business, science, medicine, and engineering are done - English is the lingua franca. But if you take a step into the worlds of more localised languages you'll find entirely new cultures. For those of us who grew up without the Internet, that's a pretty mundane statement, however for many millenials it's a  curious new adventure.

If you only use the Internet in one language, this can profoundly affect your experience. A fantastic write-up by the Guardian in conjunction with the British Academy here explains just how significantly your online language can be a barrier to global communication.

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