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The Diploma in English in Legal Contexts with RosEA is born!

Rosario English Area (RosEA) is giving a unique opportunity to students and professionals in the field of law.  We just opened our first ever Diploma in English Legal Contexts, and we are absolutely thrilled about it! This course is a combination of classroom interaction and authentic experience.  This is done throughout the 80 hours of face-to-face in class instruction where the instructor facilitates dynamic, interactive classes with the intimate group of eight using legal terminology to explore law concepts within the Anglo-Saxon world.  Alongside this, diploma students do online work and mini-projects designed to give them practical use in the field. 

On February 22, 2016, we opened the diploma course and we were honored to have the judge Orlando Muñoz from the Tribunal of Bogotá kickoff the class as the opening speaker (see Judge Muñoz with the diploma students in the picture).  He shared his personal and professional experiences in legal culture shock showing his life in Colombian and U.S. law, both in criminal and civil law. 

This RosEA instructor, Sam Ling Gibson is from Scotland with ties to Ireland as well, and he is very enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge in international diplomacy combined with his love for teaching English.  With such a variety of backgrounds from within Rosario and out of Rosario, from undergraduate to post graduate to practicing lawyers, these diploma students are enriching the course even more.  The latter half of the course will be run in a seminar style where we will prepare students before an invited expert from the field comes in to speak in English, of course, and we will have post discussions to ensure students maximize not only their understanding but critical analysis of the topics brought up.

Diego Bravo, the International Relations Coordinator in the Faculty of Jurisprudence was really paramount in helping us get the word out about this unique opportunity, and students and alumni were able to take advantage of this now; and for that, we (Nicholas Allen, the RosEA Director and I) are extremely appreciative. 

Written by:
Christina Marrero
Academic Coordinator, RosEA

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