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Listen to your doctor

Several weeks ago RosEA launched its first Medical English Diploma, focusing on international communication within the various fields of healthcare and medical science. The syllabus was based on what the medical profession needs from bilingual medical professionals. After 4 sessions it became apparent that what young aspiring doctors wanted was not the same.

What happens when you don't follow your doctor's instructions? You get sicker, and not better.

Listen to your doctor.

In weeks 5 & 6 we changed course. With the assistance of Doctor Miguel Pareja, students studied pediatrics and were involved in fully simulated emergency situations involving children, bystanders, and parents. This practice took place in the Operation Theatre Simulation Lab at the Medical School, with fully functioning dummies. Full stress. All in English.

Weeks 7 & 8 got heavy with healthcare for foreigners. Doctor Jorge Lievano took the students on a path of discovery involving resilience to be better prepared for the psychological and emotional demands of the medical industry. Investigating psychiatry, while outside the pensum of the university courses, is invaluable for the students' conceptualisation of their roles as professionals in healthcare.

Listen to your doctor.

Moving forward, participants in the RosEA Diploma look at Women's Health. Luisa Ramirez from the Psychology Department will take the students through the opportunities to empower women to make better choices in order to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases, common and specific to women. Especially the psychological effects of cervical cancer.

In the end stages of the course, students are accompanied by experts in Mental Health and Healthcare for Indigeneous Colombians, two transdisciplinary areas that require not only communication, but effective description(s) of the message to be communicated.

Now, the RosEA Diploma English for Healthcare and Medical Professionals is strong on content-based tasks and opportunities for current and aspiring professionals to improve their English.

It pays to listen to your doctor.

Written by:
Nicholas Edgar Allen
Director RosEA

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