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Meet Fernando Paredes Valencia!

Our teacher spotlight this week is on our wonderful and vibrant teacher Fernando, from Cali. He has been teaching for over 30 years! The majority of his career was spent in schools and universities all over Cali however he has been living in Bogotá for almost 4 years now and is loving his new job teaching English classes with RosEA. We interviewed him on some of his favorite things about teaching and found out some fun facts too!

So Fernando, what inspired you to first start teaching?
Well, at first it was people who told me it would be the perfect career for me. They mentioned that my level of English was so good and recommended that I should consider teaching it. I´ve never looked back!

With all your years of experience, where have you worked throughout your career?
It feels like almost every University in Cali! I have also taught elementary, high school and private classes. Over the past few years I have been teaching University level in Bogotá.

So what do you enjoy most about the job?
I love the variety of people I´m able to work with. I get to see different faces all the time, it´s sort of      like fast fashion but with people! I like that due to this variety, different ideas can be shared and it keeps the job exciting. Of course I also love witnessing the progress and achievements of my students.
How are you finding your classes with RosEA?
I am really enjoying these classes and find them extremely rewarding. The kids are very receptive and punctual so it makes my job a lot easier! They really want to learn and I really want to teacher them so it’s certainly a good mix.

What are the three characteristics you believe every teacher should have?
Comprehensive, fun and a little bit silly!

Great, so is that how you would describe your teaching style?
Definitely I like to do silly things to keep my students engaged. I play little games to keep them on their toes and try and make the class as interactive as possible. I believe this helps to make the class more interesting and not just writing on the board.

Fun facts about Fernando

Favorite Movie: Angel Heart
A place you want to visit: Australia
Secret talent: Creating and reading Haikus (Japanese poems)
Favorite Food: Mexican
Role Model: My Mom
A song you sing when nobody´s listening: Low down by Buzz Keggs!
Favorite Actor/Actress: Robert Di Nero
Something on your bucket list: To train kids in Baseball
Favorite place in the world: My relaxing home in Bogotá

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