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Let's Get Down to Business with RosEA and the Rosario Business School

A Project: Academic Research and Writing in Business

RosEA (Rosario English Area) and the Rosario Business School launched its first project together!  This is an incredible opportunity for not only RosEA and the Business School, but also the 11 professors who will be a part of this 10-week project.  The following professors are enrolled in the course: Francoise Contreras, Giovanni Reyes, Merlin Grueso, David Barbosa, Javier González, Alejandro Useche, Rafael Piñeros, Fernando Juárez, Julián Cortés, Jaime Moreno, and Ivarth Palacio.  The project will focus on the process of preparing academic papers in the world of business, which are purposeful, coherent, sophisticated and in English, of course!  This is a hands-on course which means that professors will actually be doing the work, not simply talking about how to do it.  Extensive weekly written production by the professors is expected in order to make advances in a publishable piece of writing by the end.  Each week, the professors are expected to incorporate all of the lessons from class, as well as feedback given by the instructor, Anastasia Boldireff, the Academic Coordinator, Christina Marrero, as well as the Director, Nicholas Allen.  We are all thrilled to be a part of this one-of-a-kind opportunity, and we thank the Dean of the School of Business, Alejandro Cheyne, for supporting us all on this exciting endeavor!  These eleven top-notch Business School professors are sure to be top-notch students, too!
Written by:
Christina Marrero
Academic Coordinator, RosEA

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