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Maestría en Finanzas Cuantitativas

Candidate Profile

The MSc in Quantitative Finance is offered to professionals with a background in finance, economics, engineering, statistics, mathematics, physics or similar. Applicants must have performed satisfactorily in subjects with quantitative content such as calculus, probability, and statistics, and should have predisposition and interest in formalizing mathematical and computational modeling, as this is the central axis of the program. 

The director of the program will determine if the courses previously attended by the applicant comply with the minimum content required to be admitted to the program.

Graduate profile

The graduate of the Msc in Quantitative Finance is a professional with rigorous theoretical training in the areas of mathematics, probability, statistics and econometrics applied to finance and to risk management. The graduate will have the computational tools with which he or she can apply his/her theoretical knowledge in making financial decisions. They will be able to analyze and interpret data and financial information correctly, work in teams and participate actively in solving problems related to the challenges imposed by national and international financial markets.

Graduates of the master’s program will be able to perform in the areas of financial analysis risk management, asset management and money tables, structured product development, financial technology development and research, in financial and regulatory institutions (commercial banks, investment funds, stock brokers, pension funds, insurance companies, etc.) as well as consulting firms.