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Histórico seminarios

Corporate Taxation and Evasion Responses: Evidence from a Minimum Tax in Honduras

Thiago Scot
3 de Junio 2021

We study corporate responses to a minimum income tax, using the universe of corporate tax filings in Honduras. Ver más

Can Training Improve Organizational Culture? Experimental Evidence from Ghana’s Civil Service

Martin Williams
27 de Mayo 2021

Organizational culture is an important driver of organizational performance, but there is little evidence on how to improve it. Ver más

The Value of Names - Civil Society, Information, and Governing Multinationals on the Global Periphery

Nathaniel Lane (Oxford)
20 de Mayo 2021 Aula virtual

Civil society is essential to governance, especially where laws and authority are weak. We study how a core strategy of international civil society groups Ver más

Mission Motivation and Public Sector Performance: Experimental Evidence from Pakistan

Yasir Khan (Haas Business School-UC Berkeley)
13 de Mayo 2021 Aula virtual

This paper studies whether public sector organizations can strengthen the mission motivation of their workers and get them to exert effort on the job. Ver más

Village Social structure and Labor Market Performance: Evidence from the Philippines

Julien Labonne
Co-Presentador: Stefano Caria
6 de Mayo 2021 Aula virtual

His paper studies how social structure affects the functioning of labor market in a developing country Ver más

Tit-for-Tat between Legislative and Executive: the Effect of a Stronger City Council Support on Mayor's Governance

Eduardo Ferraz (URosario)
4 de Mayo 2021

This paper studies the causal effect of stronger legislative support for the mayor on governance Ver más

University Loans vs. Grants, How They Affect Educational and Labor Market Outcomes

Alex Solis
29 de Abril 2021 Aula virtual

This paper estimates the effects of university loans and grants availability on educational and labor market outcomes Ver más

Motherhood and the allocation of talent

Lucila Berniell
22 de Abril 2021 Aula virtual

In this paper we assess whether changes in labor market decisions upon motherhood lead to potential inefficient allocations of talent. Ver más

The Signaling Value of Elite High Schools: Evidence from Higher Education in Peru

Manuel Barron (Universidad del Pacifico)
15 de Abril 2021 Aula virtual

This paper studies how the high school's identity affects students' sorting in the higher education market in Peru, a country without standardized tests at the end of high school. Ver más

Public health financing and armed conflict: Evidence from Colombia

Samuel Lordemus
8 de Abril 2021 Aula virtual

How do government counterinsurgency efforts affect local public financing during civil conflicts? We investigate this question in the context of the protracted conflict in Colombia. Ver más

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