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Histórico seminarios

The effects of the Colombia Mayor social pension on health and labor force participation.

Philipp Hessel - Escuela de Gobierno UniAndes.
15 de Marzo 2018 Auditorio 2 Casa Pedro Fermín

Latin American countries are ageing rapidly. Because most countries lack adequate social protection systems Ver más

Telling schools apart: the role of preferences, restrictions, and the ability to differentiate in school choices.

Diego Amador - Universidad de Los Andes
8 de Marzo 2018 Salón 303 torre 2

We specify and estimate a static model of elementary school choice Ver más

Promesas del banco central sobre la tasa de interés futura: cláusulas de escape y consistencia.

Julián Parra Polanía - Banco de la República
2 de Marzo 2018 Salón 303 torre 2.

Promesas del banco central sobre la tasa de interés futura: cláusulas de escape y consistencia. Ver más

Endogenous Persistent Shocks and Households' Welfare

Andrés Zambrano - Universidad de los Andes
22 de Febrero 2018 Salón 303 torre 2

This paper estimates the persistence of adverse shocks and how it depends on household consumption decisions Ver más

You Are Judged by the Company You Keep: Reputation Leverage in Vertically Related Markets" (co-autor: Jay Pil Choi)

Martin Peitz - University of Mannheim
14 de Diciembre 2017 Auditorio 3 Edificio Nuevo Claustro

This paper analyzes a mechanism through which a supplier of unknown quality can overcome its asymmetric information problem by selling via a reputable downstream firm. Ver más

Women empowerment in the tropics: Long-term evidence from a double matching design

Stanislao Maldonado (Universidad del Rosario)
30 de Noviembre 2017 Auditorio 3 Edificio Nuevo Claustro

Empowering women is a policy goal that have received a lot of interest by policy-makers in the developing world in recent years. Ver más

A Microeconometric Dynamic Structural Model of Copper Mining Decisions

Andrés Luengo (Universidad Javeriana)
23 de Noviembre 2017 Salón 604 de Casur

This paper proposes and estimates a dynamic structural model of the operation of copper mines using a unique dataset. Ver más

Housing Bubbles and Misallocation: Evidence from Spain.

Sergi Basco (Universiad Autónoma de Barcelona)
16 de Noviembre 2017 Auditorio 3 Edificio Nuevo

During the 2000s, several developed economies experienced a housing bubble. At the same time, productivity growth started to decline. Spain is a paradigmatic example. Ver más

Firm and Market Response to Saving Constraints: Evidence from the Kenyan Dairy Industry (con Lorenzo Casaburi)

9 de Noviembre 2017 Auditorio 3 Edificio Nuevo

 Failures in saving markets can spill over into other markets: When producers are saving constrained, trustworthy buyers can offer infrequent delayed payments—a saving tool— Ver más

Expropriation risk, misallocation, and aggregate productivity (coautora: Virginia Ollivella, Banque de France)

Jose Ignacio López - Universidad de los Andes
2 de Noviembre 2017 Salón 414 del Casur

In this paper, we propose a general equilibrium model featuring heterogeneous firms and a government that is both unable to commit and relatively more impatient than firms. Ver más

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