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Histórico seminarios

Freeing Financial Education via Tablets: Experimental Evidence from Colombia

Pablo Lavado (Universidad del Pacifico)
15 de Octubre 2020

Financial knowledge is critical for making sound decisions that foster financial health and protect consumers from predation Ver más

The Economics of Supranational Bank Supervision

Consuelo Silva (PUC - Chile)
8 de Octubre 2020

is paper examines the effectiveness of cooperation among bank supervisors using a novel dataset on supranational agreements signed by 93 countries. Ver más

Wheels of Change: Transforming Girl’s Lives with Bicycles

Ana García-Hernández (WZB)
1 de Octubre 2020

We study the impact of a program that provides a bicycle to a school-going girl who lives more than 3km from school. Ver más

Police violence and protest behavior: Evidence from street rallies and boycotts

Mounu Prem (URosario)
29 de Septiembre 2020 Acceso Virtual

Police violence is a common feature of street rallies around the world Ver más

The Gains from International and Intranational Trade

Andres Maggi (Harvard University)
17 de Septiembre 2020 Por confirmar

I study the implications of both international and intranational trade. Ver más

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Stephie Fried ASU
10 de Septiembre 2020 Por confirmar

Por confirmar Ver más

The Macro Effects of Climate Policy Uncertainty

Stephie Fried ASU
10 de Septiembre 2020

The Macro Effects of Climate Policy Uncertainty Ver más

Closed-form Solutions for Optimal Social Distancing in a SIR model of COVID-19 Suppression

Reyer Gerlagh (Tilburg University)
28 de Mayo 2020 Seminario virtual

I present a stylized suspected-infected-recovered (SIR) model of COVID-19 Ver más

The Virus of Fear: The Political Impact of Ebola in the U.S.

Emilio Depetris-Chauvin (PUC Chile)
30 de Abril 2020 Aula virtual

We study how fear can affect the behavior of voters and politicians by looking at the Ebola scare that hit the U.S. a month before the 2014 midterm elections. Ver más

Exposure to Transit Migration, Public Attitudes and Entrepreneurship

Nicolas Ajzenman (São Paulo School of Economics-FGV)
23 de Abril 2020 Aula virtual

Does exposure to mass migration affect economic behavior, attitudes and beliefs of natives in transit countries? Ver más

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