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Histórico seminarios

Earnings Responses of Top Labor Incomes to Tax Changes: Evidence from a Tax Reform in Uruguay

Marcelo Bergolo (U de la República)
16 de Mayo 2019 Auditorio 2 Casa Pedro Fermín

In this paper, we analyze how top income earners respond to personal income tax using micro-based administrative tax records from Uruguay during the period 2009-2014. Ver más

Rent extraction opportunities and self-selection into the public sector. Evidence from the Lab

Juan F. Vargas (URosario) Pablo Brassiolo, Ricardo Estrada y Gustavo Fajardo (CAF)
14 de Mayo 2019 Auditorio 3 Casa Pedro Fermín

Nuevo seminario de la facultad. Ver más

Robust Information Aggregation Through Voting

9 de Mayo 2019 Auditorio 2 Casa Pedro Fermín

Numerous theoretical studies have shown that information aggregation through voting is often fragile. Ver más

Negotiating Cooperation under Uncertainty: Communication in Noisy, Indefinitely Repeated Interactions

Sebastian Fehrler (Konstanz University)
Fabian Dvorak (Konstanz University)
7 de Mayo 2019 Salón 701 Torre 1

Case studies of cartels and recent theory suggest that repeated communication is key for stable cooperation under imperfect monitoring Ver más

Contracts, Firm Dynamics and Aggregate Productivity

David Pérez-Reyna (UniAndes) - Bernabe López-Martin (Banco de Chile)
2 de Mayo 2019 Auditorio 2 Casa Pedro Fermín

We construct a framework of firm dynamics to evaluate the impact of the enforcement Ver más

A capital allocation rule for the Haezendonck--Goovaerts risk measure with a power Young function

Fabio Gómez (U. Nacional)
25 de Abril 2019 Auditorio 2 Casa Pedro Fermín

In this paper, we propose to quantify risk through the HG risk measure with power Young function. Ver más

Specific Investment and Contract Design: Evidence from Public Transportation

Guillermo Díaz (Universidad Javeriana)
11 de Abril 2019 Salón 414 de Casur

Public entities often grant concession rights to private firms for the provision of public services. Ver más

Lucas Coffman (Harvard University)

Alexander Gotthard (Javeriana) - Moral Perceptions of Advised Actions
4 de Abril 2019 Auditorio 2 Casa Pedro Fermín

Can an organization avoid blame for an unpopular action when an adviser advises them to do it? Ver más

A Framed Field Experiment to Understand Land Division

César Mantilla (URosario) - Margarita Gáfaro (Banco de la República - Bucaramanga)
28 de Marzo 2019 Auditorio 2 Casa Pedro Fermín

Divisions of rural land in developing countries reduce the possibilities of farmers to profit from agricultural returns to scale. Ver más

Impact of Mergers on product repositioning: Evidence from the French Hospital Industry

Daniel Herrera (Paris Dauphine) y Joanna Piechucka (DIW Berlin)
21 de Marzo 2019 Auditorio 2 Casa Pedro Fermín

This paper aims to provide insights on the impact of mergers Ver más

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