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Histórico seminarios

Statistical Capacity and Corrupt Bureaucracies

Manuel Oechslin and Elias Steiner – University of Lucerne
16 de Agosto 2018 Auditorio 3 Casa Pedro Fermín

In many developing countries, economic statistics (such as the growth rate of GDP) are highly imprecise, making it difficult to evaluate economic reforms and learn “what works”. Ver más

Historical Conflict and Gender Disparities.

Diego Ramos Toro (University Brown)
9 de Agosto 2018 Auditorio 3 Casa Pedro Fermín.

This paper establishes the global detrimental effect of historical conflict on contemporary gender disparities. Ver más

Land Invasions and Expropriations under Salvador Allende’s Government

Felipe Gonzáles (PUC Chile) Co-autor: Felipe Vial
26 de Julio 2018 Salón 515 Casur

Can collective action influence the implementation of public policies? Ver más

Labor market returns to student loans

Pablo Muñoz (UC Berkeley) Co-autores: Alonso Bucarey y Dante Contreras
24 de Julio 2018 Auditorio 2 Casa Pedro Fermín

This paper studies the labor market returns to a state guaranteed loan (SGL) used to finance university degrees. Ver más

Dual Employment Protection Legislation and the Size Distribution of Firms

Román Fossati - Universidad Diego Portales (Chile)
12 de Julio 2018 Auditorio 2 Casa Pedro Fermín

We develop a theoretical model of firm dynamics with search frictions and asymmetric firing costs for temporary and permanent workers (dual employment protection legislation, DEPL). Ver más

Business cycles and the balance sheets of the financial and non-financial sectors

Alonso Villacorta – University of California-Santa Cruz)
9 de Julio 2018 Auditorio 3 Casa Pedro Fermín

I propose and estimate a dynamic model of financial intermediation to study the different roles of the condition of banks and firms balance sheets in real activity. Ver más

Nonparametric Estimates of Demand in the California Health Insurance Exchange

Pietro Tebaldi – University of Chicago
9 de Julio 2018 Auditorio 3 Casa Pedro Fermín

We estimate the demand for health insurance in the California Affordable Care Act marketplace (Covered California) Ver más

"Bureaucratic Organization and Service Provision: Experimental Evidence from Colombia"

14 de Junio 2018 Auditorio 3 Casa Pedro Fermín.
Tara Slough (ISERP-Columbia University)

A substantial literature in political economy seeks to explain inequality in access to public goods and services. Ver más

Patronage in the Allocation of Public Sector Jobs

Emanuele Colonnelli (Stanford)
31 de Mayo 2018 Auditorio 3 Casa Pedro Fermín

This paper studies patronage - the use of public sector jobs to reward political supporters of the party in power - in Brazilian local governments. Ver más

Strategic Pricing and Positioning in Response to Tax Notches: Evidence From Gasoline Retail

24 de Mayo 2018 Carlos Hurtado (University of Illinois). Auditorio 2 Casa Pedro Fermín.

I consider the problem of how retailers respond to spatial discontinuities Ver más

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