Graduate Diploma in Contract Law

Graduate Diploma in Contract Law

Our primary objective is to impart knowledge and to direct and guide the integrated learning process of students, in order to provide the country with professionals who are committed socially and professionally in their efforts to provide timely and appropriate advice to businesspeople. This enables contractual relationships, the ways of resolving differences and the prevention and assumption of risk to be more clearly defined, without neglecting the ethical and moral aspects that must govern the practice of the noble profession of lawyer.

SNIES code: 17803

2 semesters or 26 credits earned

Program name: Graduate Diploma in Contract Law

Program type: University

Program level: Undergraduate

Study mode: Face to face

Qualification awarded: Specialist in Contract Law

Study location: Bogotá, Colombia

Class schedule: Mondays to Thursdays (and Fridays, as an exception) from 6 - 8pm

Official registration: Resolution No. 6768 of May 9, 2014, valid for 7 years

Program duration: 2 semesters

Perfil de Ingreso

Perfil de Ingreso

El programa está dirigido a abogados graduados que tengan una formación jurídica sólida, interesados en profundizar en el estudio del  contrato como principal fuente de obligaciones, bien por sus actividades profesionales o bien por sus expectativas de desarrollo futuro en el ámbito laboral o académico, que tengan disposición para contribuir al éxito del programa mediante su participación permanente y su decidido espíritu de colaboración,  que dispongan del tiempo necesario para cumplir con las exigencias académicas del programa.
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Sede Urosario

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Jockey Club Building

Your main campus will be the Cloister, where you encounter the ideal environment for your education. You will also be able to access other spaces such as the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center and the Quinta de Mutis campus, which offer extensive green spaces and cultural and historical offerings.

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