Graduate Diploma in General Surgery

Graduate Diploma in General Surgery

The General Surgery program (based at two locations, Hospital Occidente de Kennedy and Méderi) takes elements from training in high-volume public and private hospitals. Students receive an all-round and complete education in different partner hospitals with high volumes of surgical procedures, enabling them to develop surgical skills at the various levels of training.

SNIES code: 1303

8 semesters

Program name: Graduate Diploma in General Surgery

Program type: University

Program level: Graduate diploma

Study mode: In-person attendance

Qualification awarded: Specialist in General Surgery

Study location: Bogotá, Colombia

Official registration: Resolution No. 338 of January 21, 2013, valid for 7 years

Program duration: 8 semesters

Perfil profesional

Perfil profesional

Especialistas con capacidad de liderazgo, y con habilidades para transmitir conocimientos a otros profesionales en el área de la salud y desarrollar proyectos de investigación en su disciplina.

¿Dónde vas a estudiar?
Sede Urosario

Where are you going to study?

Quinta de Mutis campus

Your main campus will be the Quinta de Mutis, a space that includes the best classrooms and laboratories needed for your education. You will also have access to the Northern and the Cloister campus, which offer extensive green areas and a unique cultural and historical offering.

Carrera 24 N° 63C-69
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