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Bachelor in International Business Administration



Bachelor in International Business Administration

The International Business Administration program at Universidad del Rosario trains you with the skills to understand, lead, and manage the internationalization of organizations.

Our interdisciplinary approach enables you to establish connections with different cultures, providing you with a holistic and strategic vision that allows you to identify opportunities in global markets.

Our goal is to provide holistic training to talented people who act in the best interest of society, with a strong sense of ethics and responsibility.

  • 140 academic credits
  • Program name: Bachelor in International Business Administration
  • Type of training: University
  • Level of education: Undergraduate
  • Program modality: Face to face
  • Title awarded: Bachelor in International Business Administration
  • Offering place: Bogotá
  • Schedule: Daytime
  • Admission frequency: Every semester
  • Resolution number with effective date: Resolution No. 011754 of November 07, 2019, valid for 8 years
  • Program duration: 8 semesters


Bachelor in International Business Administration?


The undergraduate degree in International Business Administration offers cutting-edge curriculum that combines practice with theory through innovative learning methodologies. Throughout your academic career you’ll be able to learn from businesspeople affiliated with the university as professors and guest lecturers. You’ll also go on business visits and complete an internship period to fully immerse yourself in the business world. 


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Graduating Project Options

Graduating Project Options

Depending on your skills and interests, you’ll be able to choose between five tracks to complete your degree.

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Disciplinar Minors

You can strengthen your expertise in a specific field.

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Interdisciplinar Minors

You can expand your field of study.

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At the School of Management, we have professors from Colombia and from abroad, highly experienced in the business and academic field. We regularly host experts from various fields, which will help you to gain clearer insight and will introduce you to the business world of today.

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Profesores Bachelor in International Business Administration

Introduction to the business sector

We combine theory and practice through activities that introduce you to the business world.

Double Degree Options

Strengthen your professional profile by pursuing two undergraduate degrees from the Universidad at the same time.



The School of Management has the Idea B+Lab business laboratories with cutting-edge technology in neuromarketing, organizational behavior, entrepreneurship, logistics, innovation, creativity and other soft skills. We have spaces for co-creation, conceptualization, prototyping, validations and socializations.



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Para ingresar al programa debes cumplir los siguientes requisitos:
    • Estar inscrito en la Universidad del Rosario.
    • Presentar las pruebas y entrevista de ingreso que determine la Universidad dentro de la Política de Admisiones, según las particularidades de la unidad académica.
    • De acuerdo con los criterios de selección y admisión al programa se definirá la admisión o no del aspirante.
    • Matrícula: Deberás realizarla en cada periodo, según el calendario académico.