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Marketing and International Business

Studying Marketing and International Business at Universidad del Rosario will enable you to create new products, design brands, and explore new markets through the creation of one-of-a-kind experiences in the digital space.

The undergraduate degree in Marketing consists mainly of education in digital business, social media marketing, web analytics, and the development of marketing plans both off- and online. Our graduates will be able to solve business problems through the creation of digital strategies that catch the attention of new customers and retain existing ones.


  • 140 Credits earned
  • Nombre del programa: Marketing and International Business
  • Tipo de formación: University
  • Nivel de formación: Undergraduate
  • Modalidad del programa: Face to face
  • Título otorgado: Profesional en Marketing y Negocios Digitales
  • Lugar de ofrecimiento: Bogotá
  • Horario: Daytime
  • Periodicidad de admisión: Every semester
  • Valor semestre: $13.332.000
  • Valor del crédito:
  • Número de resolución con fecha de vigencia: Resolution No. 008161 of October 5, 2019, valid for 7 years
  • Duración: 8 semesters


Marketing and International Business?


Marketing and International Business

has been designed for the student to master skills in the following areas:

  • Marketing and Digital Business - Aims to provide an introduction to the role of marketing in digital business and the necessary tools for achieving sustainable and lasting growth in businesses both off- and online.
  • Local and Global Business Realities - Provides an analytical, practical, and thoughtful approach to marketing and digital business in response to local and global business realities.
  • Mathematics - Math offers valuable tools for strengthening quantitative reasoning and developing business scenarios.
  • Economics - Economics allows for an understanding of one’s environment and the impact of micro and macro variables on marketing decisions, especially in digital businesses.
  • Finances - Provides understanding of financial indicators, the results of a transaction, and the financial impact of marketing decisions.
  • The School of Administration’s Core Values. Entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership, and strategy enhance the Digital Marketing and Business program graduate’s profile.


The program is built around six areas of core curriculum:

Universidad de Rosario core studies

General Education studies


Special focus or certificate studies

Interdisciplinary studies

Degree Track


Our professors are distinguished professionals in the field of marketing and digital business. They are entrepreneurs, managers, academics, and administrators who contribute their knowledge and experience in innovation and digital transformation in companies and in society.

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Admissions requirements

To be admitted to the program you must meet the following requirements:
  • Be enrolled at Universidad del Rosario
  • Complete admissions tests and interviews required by the Universidad in its Admissions Policy, depending on the specific requirements of each program.
  • The admission or not of the applicant will be decided according to the program’s eligibility and admissions criteria.
  • Enrollment: You must enroll during each enrollment period, based on the academic calendar.



At Universidad del Rosario, we have multiple spaces for you to build upon your education. We have a Business Laboratory with cutting-edge technology and a Resource Center for Learning and Research (CRAI).