Master’s in Environmental Law and Management

Master’s in Environmental Law and Management

The environment is a “condition” over which human beings project their potentialities. In other words, the environment is related to the fitting and appropriate development and growth of individuals. However, protecting, developing and preserving this condition requires two fundamental aspects:

On one hand, there is a need to have a body of legislation that calls for its protection, preservation and restoration (law).
 On the other hand, when elements of the environment are used and exploited, it is vital that the activities involved in doing so are “…coordinated to manage and control…” the elements that intervene in the relationship between human beings and nature (management).

Based on the proposed reflection, the environment’s ability to provide suitable living conditions for its co-partners depends on two factors, among others: 1) environmental law and 2) environmental management. For that reason, as part of this program these two aspects will be presented, studied and analyzed, hence its title of Master’s in Environmental Law and Management. The qualification awarded upon completion is Master of Environmental Law and Management.

SNIES code: 106796

4 semesters or 48 credits earned

Program name: Master’s in Environmental Law and Management

Program type: Postgraduate

Program level: Master’s degree

Study mode: In-person attendance

Qualification awarded: Master of Environmental Law and Management

Study location: Bogotá, Colombia

Class schedule: Fridays from 4 - 8pm and Saturdays from 8am - 12 noon

Admission frequency: Annually

Official registration: Resolution No. 3685 of March 2, 2018

Program duration: 4 semesters

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