Master’s in Rehabilitation Sciences

Master’s in Rehabilitation Sciences

Universidad del Rosario has become a pioneering institution in Colombia and Latin America, by developing and projecting a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Sciences with a transdisciplinary approach.

This postgraduate-level program has a curricular design that meets the training needs of professionals from different knowledge areas who are interested in expanding their professional horizons and carrying out research in the area of rehabilitation sciences, based on an interdisciplinary and intersectoral approach.

There is a need for high-level research professionals in the rehabilitation sciences in Colombia and the wider region.

The rehabilitation sciences represent a transdisciplinary field of study that investigates the causes, consequences and solutions to conditions that can lead to individuals or groups to experience social inequality, or having their opportunities for social participation limited. These include poverty, disability, old age, social exclusion and marginalization, lack of access to health and education services, chronic and complex diseases, unemployment and violence.

Postgraduate training in rehabilitation sciences will enable professionals from different disciplines (such as the basic sciences; social sciences; economic, political and legal sciences; engineering; and, naturally, the health sciences) to generate, appropriate and transfer scientific and technological knowledge that will help to restore functional capacities and quality of life in patients and improve their interaction with their environment. This is achieved through actions that strengthen their potential, avoid conditions of marginalization, promote the equalization of opportunities and foster social inclusion from a perspective of equality and social justice.

As the director of the Master’s in Rehabilitation Sciences, I invite you to study this postgraduate program, which has been conceived as an academic space for the generation of new knowledge resulting from the dialog between researchers, experts and master’s students, who come together to understand and analyze the specific problems of the field.

SNIES code: 105963

semesters or 51 credits earned

Program name: Master’s in Rehabilitation Sciences

Program type: Postgraduate

Program level: Master’s

Study mode: In-person attendance

Qualification awarded: Master of Rehabilitation Sciences

Study location: Bogotá, Colombia

Metodología: Research

Class schedule: Daytime, seven sessions per semester (Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays)

Admission frequency: Annually

Program duration: 4 semesters

¿Dónde vas a estudiar?
Sede Urosario

Where are you going to study?

Quinta de Mutis campus

Your main campus will be the Quinta de Mutis, a space that includes the best classrooms and laboratories needed for your education. You will also have access to the Northern and the Cloister campus, which offer extensive green areas and a unique cultural and historical offering.

Carrera 24 N° 63C-69
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