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Open Online Courses of the Museo de la Universidad del Rosario

Layer over Layer, more than we can see

The open online course Capa sobre Capa, Más allá de lo que vemos (Layer over Layer, more than we can see) offered by the Museo de la Universidad del Rosario, aims to create awareness among the community in general regarding preservation and safeguarding of heritage collections, by means of the conservation and restoration processes that have been carried out by the Conservation Studio at the Museo de la Universidad del Rosario. This project is part of the education strategies at the university Museum with the pedagogical support of University’s Centro e-Learning and their initiative of open online courses titled “Aprender por Aprender” (Learning for the sake of learning).

The language of the course is Spanish.


In order to enhance your virtual experience, download the cellphone application ArtiVive available on the Play Store or Appstore

Finally, you are ready to start a fantastic virtual and interactive experience of a museum conservator!

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