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The Universidad del Rosario has maintained an ongoing commitment to undergo restoration and conservation processes in alignment with the content of the institution’s directives. In recent years, under the international regulations for the restoration and conservation of movable property, and after a series of decision-making processes, several works from its painting collections and sculptures have been restored, as well as the altarpiece and pulpit.

Several factors have affected the Universidad del Rosario’s cultural heritage. While these works have aged naturally, other causes of their deterioration include cracking and damage due to poor treatment, wear due to weathering, humidity and changes in their color and varnish. The current installation of these works also deteriorates them irreversibly, as well as the type of lighting used that has high levels of ultraviolet rays.

Currently, administrative efforts are being developed to conserve and restore cultural heritage in a studio of its own with the expertise and knowledge of an experienced and well-recognized team.