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Mathew Charles

Mat Charles is a post-doctoral researcher in the Colombian Organised Crime Observatory. His research focuses on criminal governance and anti-press violence, as well as the recruitment and participation of children and youth in crime and conflict. He has a special interest in creative and participatory ethnographic methods, and has managed externally funded projects from the UK’s Global Challenges Research Fund.
Basar Baysal

After Graduation from Turkish Military Academy, Dr Baysal worked in several missions in Turkey and abroad including Kosovo, Bosnia Herzegovina and Iraq. He holds a MA degree from the International Relations from Marmara University in Istanbul. Dr. Baysal gained his PhD degree from the International Relations Department at Bilkent University in Ankara in 2017. His research interests include Critical Security Studies, Internal/ethnic conflict, Peace processes, Colombia, Turkey and Middle East. He published articles on these topics in different journals and authored a book on Securitization and Desecuritization of FARC in Colombia. Dr. Baysal currently studies on the peace process in Colombia as a postdoctoral research fellow in Universidad Del Rosario.