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18 de octubre 2019

Best of Bogotá: Top 5 Spots to Practice your English

Best of Bogotá: Top 5 Spots to Practice your English
So we all know that learning in English is not just about what you do in the classroom, but what you do outside of it too. And we´ve all heard the common complaint that finding ways of getting some practice in in Bogotá is easier said than done. Well keep on reading! We´ve put together our top 5 ways to get going with your English. If you dig a little deeper, Bogotá has plenty of fun and exciting things on offer. And something for all different interests!

5         One for bookworms…
If you´re a keen reader, then pick up a copy of one of the English language newspapers The Bogotá Post or The City Paper from one of the many cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels they´re handed out from around the city (the two also have websites for the environmentalists amongst us!). Or if a good old-fashioned book is more your cup of tea, then go for a wander into one of the many bookshops stocking English editions that the city has to offer. You´ll find many in the area surrounding Museo del Oro, including Torre del Babel and Árbol de Tinta. But a firm favourite is Merlín on Cr.8a with Cl.15 which really is like a paradise lost to time, with its grandiose dark-wood shelves and cosy leather armchairs perfect for sinking into with a classic. The place truly is enchanting, not to mention the fact that the books are second-hand and ridiculously good value for money in this city of extortionate books!

4         Cinephiles listen up!
Who doesn´t love to sit back, munch on some popcorn and enjoy a good film? Well, turns out that´s the perfect way of brushing up on your listening skills! Why not branch out from the usual Cine Colombia (although they do have an excellent English selection on offer) and head on down to revel in the bohemian opulence of Cine Tonalá in Chapinero or up to Cinema Paraíso in Usaquén with it´s cool vintage aesthetic that will transport you back to the golden age. Or perhaps you prefer something a little more homely? The cosy, intimate little screenings by Cinemanía by Parque 93 with their delicious nibbles and bevvies could be right up your street. You´ll have no shortage of English features – the hardest part will be which one to pick!

3         Who doesn´t enjoy some not-so-fine wining and dining?
And speaking of nibbles, why not grab a bite to eat and have a natter with some of the many British expats that flock to Quinta Camacho for its traditional pub scene. Boozers like The Monkey House, or the inventively named The Pub have a great selection of tasty British food – think fish and chips; pie and mash. The Brits in these joints are a friendly bunch, so be sure to grab a pint and make some new pals for the day. Or, if greasy spoon is a bit more appealing to you, then head to any of the ridiculous amount of American diners scattered around the city. The Ugly American Bar & Grill is infamous (although perhaps more for its name than anything else), as is Johnny Rockets up in Zona T. This is not only a space for dining, but for music, dancing and ketchup art with the sociable gringos that frequent the place.

2         Or having a talk and a tipple?
Undeniably the best spot in town for some late-night English practice is an event that needs no introduction. That´s Gringo Tuesdays at Vintrash Bar up in the Zona Rosa and well it actually starts at 4pm but the party doesn´t really get going until a bit later on when the drinks are already flowing. The whole fandango essentially functions as a language exchange-cum-nightclub so expect heavy drinking and lots of rabbiting to be done. But don´t worry if you´re not a heavy drinker – the place is awash with many an activity to keep your spirits high and your whistle wet. Whether that´s table football or flaunting those salsa moves on the dancefloor, boredom is an impossibility and rumba is certainty.

1           And from the comfort of your very own uni…
Did you know you can get in some practice right here in Rosario? Chat and Chill is our conversation club held every week in every campus. It´s the chance to have a natter over lunch about whatever it may be and a bit of fun with some games and activities, all in English of course! Be sure to stop by on Tuesdays at 12pm in Plazoleta Cuenteros, Claustro; Wednesdays at 12pm at Crearte in Quinta; or Thursdays at 12pm at Thaimex in Norte. There´s also an event held at a different campus each week by Beth, our English language assistant from the U.K. - expect quizzes, game shows, book clubs and the like. Or if it´s academic assistance you´re after, then come along to our ASK sessions for a personalized tutorial where we can give advice on essay writing, applied grammar and much, much more! You can find out information about the goings on that we at RosEA have in store by following us on Instagram @rosario_english_area. or Facebook: @rosarioenglisharea. Or come stop by 

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