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17 de octubre 2017

Sounds for Thought instead of Food for Thought

Sounds for Thought instead of Food for Thought
Christina Marrero
Academic Coordinator of RosEA (Rosario English Area)

There are some issues many Spanish speakers have that we won’t go too, too deep into now, but just to give you some food for thought, or at least “sounds for thought”, we have compiled a quick list here. Don´t forget your mirror for practice.

A. /v/ or /b/?

I love you very much or I love you berry much?


To make the /v/ sound, you must look like a bunny rabbit.

B. The “U” in the word up most people say well, but then when the “U” is in successful, for instance, the Spanish U tends to comes out oftentimes.

Successful is pronounced s-u-ccessful (drop your jaw stratight down as you say it, NOT s-ue-ccessful (looking like you will kiss someone with that second sound).

When you say you want a burger, do people think you mean booger? Ooh, yucky, just imagine, “May I have a juicy booger please?”


C. When you want to leave to go celebrate the occasion your friend has been waiting for, and you say, “I want to go to the poddy,” the proper response is, “Go before we leave; it is just down the hall”.

Yes, poddy is usually used with children to talk about going to the bathroom/ restroom. When Spanish speakers mean party, it often comes out like poddy.


D. Pick one: Who is the major/ mayor?

The Mayor of Bogotá is Peñalosa (the middle letter in mayor pronounced with the same sound as the first letter in yes!). An example with the other word: What is your major? My major is International Relations (the middle letter in major pronounced like the y in the Colombian pronunciation of ayuda).


E. A classic one

If you say, I went to Rio for vacation and there are a lot of b*tches, you really will offend a lot of Brazilian people and maybe even the whole female population. Instead, make it clear that you mean that there sure are quite a few beaches. Yes, beaches when said correctly make you smile, not only because most people happen to be fond of beaches, but also because to say the long E sound in English, you really do need to smile for that long e to come out right… try it again now, beach… (much better job).


Practice, practice, practice and this practice certainly does make you sound better, and some say, “Practice makes perfect”.

Do not worry as we will keep posting more helpful hints and tips like these, so check back each edition, online or contact RosEA (Rosario English Area) at any time on the three campuses or send an email for information on classes to contacto.rosea@urosario.edu.co!

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