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Doctorado en Economía

Applicant profile

The Doctoral Program is oriented towards professionals with training in economics, social sciences, mathematics, engineering, basic sciences, and other disciplines who are interested in achieving advanced research training in the analysis of economic and social problems. Additionally, the program oriented towards university professors, researchers, the members of the Young Researchers’ program (Jovenes Investigadores) developed by the Graduate School of Economics as well as other young researchers from other faculties or research centers in the country.

Graduate profile

Graduates acquire a research profile that enables them to work as professors and researchers in universities or research centers, both national and international, or in public and private sectors; as senior officials in the national, regional, and local governments or as professionals with extensive analytical preparation to deal with complex socioeconomic problems. In summary, it is the combination of microeconomics approach with mathematical foundations, possibility of studying different areas of economics, and Universidad del Rosarios’s ethical and humanistic training which constitutes the hallmarks of the alumni of the PhD program in Economics that differentiates itself from other programs.