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Doctorado en Economía

Doctoral internships

During the research cycle, PhD students are advised to visit for a period of six months up to a year at an international university or a high-level international research center.

Seminars and Workshops

The Graduate School of Economics seeks to promote a research culture among students through the creation of new venues for workshops and seminars. Currently, there are 5 workshops and a weekly seminar where students can strengthen their academic profile. Learn more about Seminars y Workshops. 

Areas of Research

The Graduate School of Economics is working permanently to create spaces where knowledge generation is energized by research, exposure, and academic criticism. These venues enable one to understand the national and international realities and problems, by interpreting the facts with a global vision and understanding, and supporting the process with multidisciplinary approaches.

  • Welfare economics, development and income distribution
  • Finance
  • Behavioral economics and decision making
  • Political economy and economic history
  • Macroeconomics and international economics
  • Industrial organization and regulation