Political Science and Government Program

Political Science and Government Program

In addition to providing you with an optimal traditional grounding in the study of power and of the state and its component parts, you will be able to work professionally in political analysis, in the development of social projects in service of the national interest and in the state’s management of its own affairs. The program also enables you to actively participate in Colombian politics in a versatile and interdisciplinary manner.

Our solid training in government and management will provide you with in-depth knowledge of the administration of the public sector and a technical understanding of decision-making and the implementation of public policy, in order to perform strategically in public management and the assertive handling of its resources and power relations.You will also develop capabilities to interpret the specific situation in Colombia and the international system and respond to them in an effective manner.

SNIES code: 4368

8 semesters or 140 credits earned

Program name: Political Science and Government Program

Program type: University

Program level: Undergraduate

Study mode: Face to face

Qualification awarded: Bachelor of Political Science and Government

Study location: Bogotá

Class schedule: Daytime

Admission frequency: Every semester

Official registration: Resolution No. 14796 of July 28, 2017, valid for 8 years

¿Dónde vas a estudiar?
Sede Urosario

Where are you going to study?

Claustro campus

Your main campus will be the Cloister, where you encounter the ideal environment for your education. You will also be able to access other spaces such as the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center and the Quinta de Mutis campus, which offer extensive green spaces and cultural and historical offerings.

Cl. 12c # 6 - 25
(+57) 1 2970200