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Full-time Faculty Position in Vertebrate Ecology/Conservation

The Biology Program, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, at the Universidad del Rosario in Bogotá, Colombia (www.urosario.edu.co/biologia) is seeking to fill a position for a full-time tenure-track professor in vertebrate ecology/conservation.

Candidates are expected to have a PhD in vertebrate ecology, conservation, population biology, wildlife science, animal reintroduction, or any closely related discipline.

We seek candidates with a strong publication record, success in obtaining extramural research funds and teaching experience, commensurate with experience. Postdoctoral research experience, interdisciplinary teamwork skills, and tropical experience are particularly valued.

The successful candidate is expected to engage in scholarly activities, mentor graduate students, investigate broad questions in vertebrate ecology/conservation and establish trans- and multidisciplinary research projects. It is also anticipated that the candidate will establish solid collaborations with professors and students from the Biology Program at the Universidad del Rosario.

The position is 40% research, 40% teaching and 20% academic service. The position will require teaching of courses in conservation and restoration (undergraduate), vertebrate biology (undergraduate), and a graduate seminar.

The application must be written in English and include: 1) A detailed Curriculum Vitae with a complete list of publications; 2) A research statement summarizing the candidate´s experience, interests and an outline of the research program that can be potentially developed at El Rosario (1-2 pages); 3) A teaching statement describing experience and teaching philosophy (1 page); 4) The names and full contact information of at least three references.

Salary is competitive and will be determined by a University-wide point system, based on research and teaching experience. Non-native Spanish speakers are strongly encouraged to apply, but Spanish proficiency is required for teaching, writing and oral communication. The selected candidate will be given one year to strengthen their Spanish communication skills and take an international DELE B2 exam. The starting date should be in summer 2019, although other arrangements are possible.

Please send your full application by e-mail (biologia@urosario.edu.co) to Programa de Biología, Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Matemáticas, Cr. 24 No. 63C-69, Bogotá (D.C.) 111221, Colombia, no later than November 30th, 2018. For questions about this position and life in Bogotá please contact Dr. Andre Riveros (andre.riveros@urosario.edu.co).  

El Rosario (www.urosario.edu.co) is one of Colombia’s most prestigious Universities and typically ranks in the top five universities in the country and in the top 50 in Latin America.  Founded in 1653, it has a long tradition in the areas of Medicine, Law, Economics and Social and Political Sciences. The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics was founded in 2008, with the goal of creating strong interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate programs that excel in both teaching and research. The Biology Program opened in August 2014 and has a strong foundation in the biological sciences but with well-defined interdisciplinary research and teaching lines in social sciences, sustainability and socio-ecological dynamics. The Program has 13 full-time faculty members that publish over 40 international articles a year in some of the best journals. The Program is also supported by a strong PhD program in Biomedical and Biological Sciences that is shared with the School of Medicine and has over 50 enrolled graduate students.