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Science and Tech

Science and Tech

Carrying out research to put thought into development and build a possible future

Carrying out research to put thought into development and build a possible future.

  Photo: Raúl Medina


Since its beginnings, the Universidad del Rosario has put thought into the issues facing Colombia, and this means being in constant dialogue with the context of our country, in keeping with the prescription laid down by our founder, Fray Cristóbal de Torres. He envisaged this institution responding in an effective manner to the multiple challenges posed by such a complex society as ours. And there is no doubt that el Rosario is a university that has been active throughout its 365 years of existence, understanding how to respond, and in many cases how to adapt, to the varied circumstances that have enabled us to consider and outline the future.

The university accurately directs different research subjects in line with the perspectives of each of the disciplines it encompasses, and with an outlook that seeks to imbue the debate with transdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity. The wisdom coursing through every one of our academic units forms the basis for engaging with the questions that galvanize all our research fronts, answering the problems that perplex us, and putting forward new pathways for us to amble on as a society.


Inaugural lecture, Universidad del Rosario 2018 Ethics of the Public Sphere: everyone’s responsibility.

Well aware of the constant and open dialogue with a wide range of sectors that ensures a diverse and plural audience, the Universidad del Rosario launches its second issue of Advances in Science. Like the first issue, it relies on scientific journalism to recount the challenges and possibilites that we mull over as an institution in order to contemplate our world.

We are convinced of the need to brief our readers on the subjects presented in this issue, leaving them informed about the advances made by our research, all of which are circumscribed and inspired by the prospect of social benefit. Our readers will be able to enter into dialogue with researchers on a variety of subjects, academics with outlooks and approaches from different spheres. Our intention is to provide a full and complex picture of the research we carry out as a university.

Consider this a kind of route map for thinking about the best ways forward, one you can use to travel around the future. We are sure that getting across what we are doing connects us up to everyone interested, those who will find in el Rosario’s contributions the tools for reflecting on our development and for building a possible future.

Juan Felipe Córdoba Restrepo
Universidad del Rosario


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Advances in Science
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July de 2018
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